I’m Peyton, the ever evolving writer behind The Carro Wife. I am a firm believer of personal growth, self discovery, and inspiring others to seek out what brings them their own version of happiness. Here is where I share my life, adventures, tips, recipes, as well as my own health & wellness journey.

I found myself a home in Portland Maine. Where in between my full time job, I share here my journey throughout life as a wife, as a dog mom, as a sister, and what ways I am incorporating joy & positivity into my life.

Why The Carro Wife? Have becoming a wife just a few short years ago, has changed my perspective so much. Do I live to be a wife? HECK YES! Does it define who I am as a person? I am more than just a wife of course. I chose the title of my blog merely because the happiest parts of my life involve becoming, and being a wife.

It fills me with such joy that you have stumbled upon my blog. You are my inspiration.