Leading A Positive Life

In this day and age, there are many outside sources that dictate how we lead our lives. Exposing ourselves to vast amounts of social media, allowing ourselves to see what others have that we may not. Allowing our minds to be flooded with negative thoughts about our body image, lifestyle, jobs, etc. Things that cost us our mental stability. Instead of letting the outside world govern the way you lead your life, try to incorporate mindfulness, and positivity into your daily routines to combat the constant swarm of negativity.

I’ve personally lived through loss, infidelity, suicide, and unsavory relationships. Yet I still hold my head high, and believe that i’ve got it good. Growing up, my family didn’t dig into emotional conversations much, and how to handle what curve balls life was going to throw at me. I ended up having to discover what it was I needed in order for me to be able to process these situations. Being where I am now, I don’t think I would want it any other way. I was able to govern my own life, and how to defeat my own demons. It made me self sufficient is what it did. In some ways I feel as though I may have also been repressing my emotions by not discussing them with anyone. I was also one to think that the less I discussed what I was going through, the less bothersome I would appear to most, and it would make me appear mentally strong. I took pride in being able to do this for a majority of my life. In more recent years, I have learned how to open myself up to those close to me, and what simple ways I could combat the negative by incorporating positive hobbies into my lifestyle. I am a firm believer in not having to explain yourself to anyone. What you may be going through is your business. I like to remind myself: Be kind always, as we never know what someone may be going through.

Everyone processes emotions/life’s obstacles differently. The hobbies I choose that bring more positivity into my daily life, may differ from others. So you have to do the legwork in discovering what it is that may bring you joy in your life. This morning for me, it is James Taylor on the record player, a fresh cup of coffee (cream only), a new blend of essential oil running through my diffuser, dog in my lap, and writing for all of you. I like to take life slow. Enjoy each and every moment. I am a simple woman.

There seems to be a stigma around people that choose to promote positive lifestyles. But let me be what i’m sure is the millionth person to remind everyone that even the positive know that life is not always going to be a cake walk. We feel less than positive some days too. It’s how we get past those less than ideal times, and put in the effort to change what it is that isn’t positive. How we recognize the bad, and pick ourselves back up. It is up to us as individuals to realize we are the ones responsible for our own happiness. Not our partners, not our jobs, not our friends. If you’re feeling less, how did you get there? You, and you alone, are the determining factor on how YOUR life turns out. I incorporate essential oils into my lifestyle here and there, but that doesn’t mean i’m trying to turn to those oils to fix my life. They’re simply mood shifting for me. Even in incorporating those, i’m still allowed to get frustrated at my husband for driving like an 80 year old who’s slowly ruining my brake pads.

I’m constantly on the hunt for new ways to better myself, and the environment I put myself in. If I chose to eat like garbage all the time, without exercise, I would most likely feel like garbage. If I chose to not take that bath for myself, or to not read a good book on my porch, or to not explore what it is to be a minimalist. If I never took myself outside of my comfort zone, than I could never get upset with myself for getting less of a return in the investment I chose to not put in myself.

Being able to welcome change, and bringing a positive mind into every situation has most definitely gotten me to where I am today in life. But it was a journey to get here. A lot of trial and error. Try an gain a broader perspective as to what positivity really is to you. Recognizing what you have, instead of what you may not. Appreciating the little things, and not just the big. There’s positive in each day, some days you just have to look a bit harder.

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