Behind Being A Scorpio

Mysterious, compelling, difficult, controlling. Scorpios are arguably the most complex of the 12 zodiac signs. We’re also very misunderstood. Every time I hear someone discussing anything regarding a Scorpio, 95% of the time, it’s nothing glamorous. Whoever is speaking, often is uncovering the only negative attributes of which a Scorpio possesses. We’re not the only grenade when it comes to horoscopes.

I am not a huge believer in determining how to live my life based on what my horoscope is saying each day. I am merely willing to acknowledge that some of the ways our horoscope is presented, are very solid facts. Facts I will dissect throughout this blog post.

What is it like to be a Scorpio? It’s like trying to prevent a car full of your loved ones from colliding with an 18 wheeler. You’re compelled to understand each and every detail throughout your day to day life. What your future holds, and how to control it. What each and every word said to you means, and depicting each and every move you make to present yourself with only the best of outcomes. Being a water sign, we have a heightened sense of awareness. This can be irritating, and overwhelming for us. But believe me, we try to tone down the “crazy” that everyone seems to think we possess. If anything, it’s not craziness. I would describe it as more impulsive. We water signs tend to think more with our heart than taking the logical route.

We are seen as moody, passive-aggressive, sex rules everything, beings. This is where we are most misunderstood. Scorpios crave affection, and are very passionate. If anything, we crave affection so much, while also fearing failure, making it so we make damn sure that each decision is calculated just right. Being a Scorpio, I can admit that I am very selfish, and will do things for my own personal gain/satisfaction. Yet I also care deeply on what others needs are, and tend to them while tending to my own. Not all of us are selfish/manipulative humans.

Being one of the most intense astrological signs out there, I have been called: mysterious, complex, interesting, confusing. All true. Scorpios, like myself, have a hard time letting people in. Most of us struggle with trust issues, and find it rather hard to depict what it is we are truly feeling. Which is why we avoid discussing our feelings all together. We fear that no one will truly understand what it is we may be going through, or why we have the thought processes we have. Many of us believe that showing emotion is a sign of weakness. Which is probably why only a handful of people have seen me cry.

All complexities aside, we Scorpios are driven, brave, balanced, compelling, and intuitive. Each and every sign has it’s negative attributes. If Scorpios cared about what other people thought, than maybe we would be compelled to change peoples minds. *grin* . With all that said, remind yourselves before throwing us Scorpios into the ring first, that we all have our complexities, and Scorpios at least have an elegant finesse dealing with our issues.


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