“BIG BOX” Stores & Why They’re Bad For The Environment

I’m sure some of you know what i’m referring to when I say, “Big Box”. If not, don’t fret, I will tell you all about it in this blog post. Before I get into that, I wanted to say that I wasn’t always environmentally conscious. I more recently became interested in clean beauty, and while learning what it took to have a clean beauty routine, it peaked my interest on how I could take my routine one step further. This meant, using clean beauty products that also created less waste. Supporting brands that were eco-friendly, and clean. While doing so, I discovered the biggest offenders that help us humans create massive landfills/gas emissions were: big box stores.

Big box stores, also known as: Supercenters, Superstores, or Megacenters. Target & Walmart are “big box” stores. They are called big box stores as they are required to have 50,000 square feet of floor space to build. Also they are just HUGE boxy buildings. These retailers can be found everywhere. They have been popping up in the most rural of locations as well due to their need of space to build. While these stores can be quite convenient, they are also very harmful to the world we live in.

These stores are so focused on mass consumption. Every advertisement is, “one stop shop for all your needs”. When Walmart Supercenters started popping up everywhere, selling everything/anything you needed, the world immediately started shopping for more than they needed. How many of us have said, “I walked into Target for shampoo, and walked out with a new rug, candles, blouse, and 20 bath bombs”? All of us. You are fooling no one. This mass consumption has us feeling accomplished by getting all we needed/more at one store. How many of those things did we actually need? How much waste will you be creating with your five plastic Target bags, and all the plastic your “goods” are wrapped in? These thoughts should be on everyone’s mind.

It’s not easy to create less waste, and no one can create “no waste”. If there is a person out their creating no waste, more power to them. Also tell me your secrets. It’s not that you should never buy something wrapped in plastic, just be more conscious as to what you’re buying, and how much. Also what is in said product. Learning about whats in my products is one thing. But learning about those products, and what they’re packaged in is another. If you’re focused on clean beauty at all, or any clean products, you’re on the right track. Now see where else you can improve your life, and take that extra step in creating less waste.

One thing these large retailers are not focused on, is quality. They are mass producing low quality products in order to keep their prices low. If they start selling higher quality products, they will have to start jacking up their prices, therefore sacrificing their business. Here are a few examples as to why I am avoiding these stores. Target may have adorable clothes that are “current trends”, and or cute decor, but everything i’ve ever bought from Target lasts me… a year? Maybe less. I bought a pair of flats there less than four months ago, and they’re already broken down from wearing them a handful of times. Or Batiste, the dry shampoo. Sold in Walmart/Target. That contains Butane/Propane in it. That is GAS people! I could walk up to any girl right now, and guarantee her hair is ten times more flammable than normal due to her dry shampoo, and light her up. Point being, if I keep purchasing these products, they are going to end up in a landfill less than a year later due to being low quality. Or i’m harming the environment with the products (dry shampoo) made to make me look presentable? No thank you. There are quality products out there people. Long lasting clothing, less harmful haircare, and products with eco-friendly packaging. Take some time to learn what you’re purchasing/supporting.Some big box stores carry eco-friendly products, and a few higher quality items, but these items are few/far between.

I have found myself with more time/money by making this a priority of mine. I spend less time aimlessly walking around Target, and less money supporting brands that contain harmful chemicals in their products. I have been able to support more local businesses by searching for better products. I have learned more about the retailers I had been shopping at my entire life, and why they are one of the worlds biggest offenders in creating waste. I don’t know about you, but it also feels so amazing knowing that I am making even a fraction of a difference somehow, and trying to spread the word.

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