How To Manage It All

Writing this blog post, I want to say that I have all the answers on being a boss lady, but the truth is that it’s just time management. We can’t always be on the go 24/7, but I will show you how I make my life look that way.

I am not some blogger that sits in her fancy home office typing up blog post after blog post. I scrounge up the hours I have left after working my full time job to sit in a cafe, and try my best to write posts people can relate to. Posts people can share. Some days are more productive than others for me, because life. Even the days where I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked to, I was still productive in some ways. Like I said though, it’s all about time management. Outlining what it is that you need done, what you’d like to accomplish, and maximizing your time.

Some of you may know that I work a full time job as a restaurant supervisor, which has its perks. It feels less than glorious some days, but my life is what I make it. I remind myself of this every day. If I ever see myself becoming unhappy, then I have the power to change this. It is my life after all. Anyways, I work Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, & Monday, 6AM-2PM, each week. I never have weekends off, unless I am blessed with an RTO day once in a while. This is the service industry though, which I was able to come to terms with a long time ago. In some ways it feels good to tell people that I have worked every brunch weekend, (except for one), for the past year. I don’t need a weekend to have fun. I don’t let my Monday put me in a bad mood. I also don’t need a Friday to feel accomplished.

When I am not working my day job, I have a dog to take care of, a husband to spend time with, a blog to manage/promote/write/create content for. A blog that I also want to grow & promote. I am also just like everyone else, where I need to take out the trash, take a shower, wash the dishes, all that fun stuff. I’d say that the two things that eat up most of my time are creating content for my blog/Instagram, and my full time job. Also my priorities aren’t for everyone. Which is why they’re my priorities, and not yours. Reading Rachel Hollis book “Girl, Wash Your Face”,  had a quote given to her by her therapist that really resonated with me. It said, “Someone else’s opinion of you, is none of your business”. Praise the therapist that had the wisdom to bestow upon her, the author, to bestow upon me, the reader. All this boiling down to you taking that long list of priorities, and managing your time to accomplish what needs to be done, around your everyday life.

Also to clarify, I love the life I live. I wouldn’t spend my time doing anything else. Writing for my blog. Creating content to reach new people, in hopes to inspire. Having amazing adventures with my husband, the best cuddles with my puppers, and still finding the time for my own self care. Those are only some of the things that make me happy. Do what makes you happy.

Becoming overwhelmed is all too easy when you take on more than you can handle. Establishing your limits on what it is you’ll be able to accomplish, is step one. Setting yourself up for success, step two. Taking on an extra yoga class when you need to be grocery shopping, is not setting yourself up for success. Prioritizing, step three. Sometimes this can also mean combining tasks. One of my daily goals is to be active on social media, to grow this blog. So I use an app that schedules out my posts, which leaves me with more time to engage in other people’s content. Getting twice the amount of work done, with one app. Pre planning/writing blog posts for days I need to post, but know I’ll be traveling. If I didn’t utilize every moment in my day, I would not be as accomplished as I am. Simple as that.

I can’t say that my success has only come from prioritizing. It takes quite a bit of discipline to jampack your day full to the point where you’re left with a bit of extra time to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Discipline meaning when you feel less than productive, striving to find that last bit of energy to wash your face, to avoid getting makeup on your sheets, to then avoid having to do your laundry. Or saving yourself a trip, and taking the trash out when you bring your husband to work at 4:30 in the morning. Tag teaming tasks, can not only help you accomplish more each day, but it can also help prevent future stress as you ended up not utilizing your time wisely. Disciplining yourself & your time, can help regulate your behavior, how you spend your time, and what you can accomplish more of.

Also setting a count on how many times I can write: prioritize, accomplish, and goals in this blog post, ha! But seriously, you seek results when an effort is put towards something. If you put a good amount of effort into something, especially if it’s something you enjoy doing, than you should get a good return on how you invested your time. I try not to create deadlines for myself, as I feel that that is a way to set myself up for failure. If I want to post something, I plan ahead. I do not say, “I want to post this post on tomorrow morning, when it’s 11:11AM, as that’s when I had my first period”. That’s just ridiculous. Also I don’t think anyone does this, but oh the poor person that might. Planning ahead for me means, batching my blog posts, Instagram content, and captions. I create all my content in advance, and seek out every photo/writing opportunity. This way I can post a blog post on the days where my blog has the busiest traffic, and i’m not feeling rushed to create a post, as I already have one made. You get the point.

With all that said, I find time for what makes me happy, and what can make me happy in the long run. Which is why I try to limit myself on binging on watching The Office, or killing Zombies on Call Of Duty, (literally the only video game I play once a month, maybe). These things may make me content, and I don’t say no to them by any means. I just limit the time I spend with recreational things. I fuel off productivity. I am a huge planner, and thrive when i’m able to get as much done with my time as possible. So you best believe that when my husband takes the less efficient way to drop me off at work, I get silently irritated. That is just me. I’m working on it every day. But it definitely benefits me in many ways.

Finding what it is that eats up your time, and or tag teaming goals/chores, can help accomplish so much in the end. Which is exactly what I have done. I take my everyday routine, and make it as efficient & productive as possible. This is my every day. In the end, you should be doing the things in your life that make you the happiest.



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