My Stress Relievers

When I feel suffocated with stress, instead of retreating further into myself, I have established ways to help myself recover quickly before becoming engulfed. Life is all about sharing ways we can better ourselves, and if I can help another with what I write, than that is my greatest accomplishment. So let’s dive right in so you too can get some peace of mind.

  • Reading about self care. There is so much advice out there that can help us improve our mind, body, and soul. It’s very easy to get exhausted hearing about self care. But it is so vital that we make time for ourselves, and what is important to us. I get great joy out of reading how it’s okay to feel less than, but what little things I can do to turn that mindset right around. Seek out the many ways self care can help you cope.
  • Acknowledging how blessed we are. When I am having a stressful moment, I have the tendency to voice my frustrations out loud. In complaint form. Which can take others down with you. Something I am still currently working on. What I find to be the biggest help at the moment, is taking a second to breath, and thinking of how many other situations in my life that I have overcome that have been much worse. Having overcome everything from my past, has led me to my best me. It has also made me stronger. Taking the time to recognize the bad, and turn it into something better. How blessed I am, we are, to wake up each day & try again.
  • Checking things off my to-do list. Now this is something that may not work for everyone obviously. A “to-do list” is a main cause of stress for some. There are ways you can accomplish some of your workload without having a panic attack though. Do what you can. Nothing more. Do not overwork yourself. Know your limits, and only task yourself with what you can handle. This way you’re not setting yourself up for failure. Creating small to-do lists is setting manageable goals for yourself. Doing this will eventually help you achieve larger goals as well.
  • De-cluttering my life. I am not talking about just Marie Kondo-ing up my home. Getting rid of old clothes, and tidying up is a great way to refresh your surroundings sure, but how about our mental space. Have any people that you don’t benefit from having in your life? That’s what I mean. Rid yourself of things, people, negative energy. Saying goodbye to what’s stopping you from becoming your best self is something i’m very passionate about. One of the biggest ways we can remove stress from our lives.
  • Being present. Having our faces constantly in our phones looking at social media, disconnects us from the real world. Distracting us from our responsibilities. In the end, making us a bit more stressed when it comes time to get sh*t done. It can also put unneeded pressure to look/be a certain way. Limit your online presence, and prioritize what really matters. I would never get anything done if I had my phone in my face 24/7.
  • A good conversation. After a long day at work, the best thing anyone can offer me as a de-stressor, is a set of ears. I’m sure this is the case for everyone. When i’m able to have a good conversation with my husband, or a friend. It allows me to discuss my dreams, goals, thoughts, as well as theirs. Forgetting the minuscule problems that may have been weighing on me. Gaining a different perspective is always helpful.
  • Writing. We all have a lot to say. If you don’t want to talk out what may be on your mind, write it out. Blogging has allowed me to open up to the world. It allows me to share my story, and hopefully encourage others to share their own journey as well. If blogging doesn’t suit you, journals are a great tool as well.
  • Exercise. Exercise is proven to boost your energy, mood, and help you sleep better. The hardest part for most people when it comes to exercising, is finding the time/energy. Making time to better ourselves is important. I promise that on the other side of working out 3-4 times a week, is an energy filled, accomplished you. I will be honest, I do not work out to only be in shape. I work out because it makes me feel good. If I don’t work out, it’s easy for me to get into a negative mindset.
  • Sex. Self explanatory.
  • Separating home life/work life. What stresses me out at work, will pass. Why let it affect me at work and home? I am a positive person 90% of the time, and it’s because I do not let my frustrations from work follow me into my personal life. If I spend more time complaining to my husband about my job, it is wasting the valuable time we have together. I would rather limit those conversations, so I can make room for productive conversations.
  • Getting out into nature. What better way to relieve some stress, than to be among nature. Where the only noise is of your feet walking, and the wildlife. Being in the sun, or fresh air. Left alone with your thoughts, or having someone along with you to have a good conversation with.

Life is too short to be stressed about work, or what we don’t have. Let us appreciate every moment given, and use these ways to better our every day lives.

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