How To Invest In Yourself In Your 20’s

Your twenties are your selfish years. In this time we are still discovering who we are, and where it is we belong in this world. These are our golden years. For you to find what it is you enjoy doing, and what your limits are. To travel, to find yourself, to change what isn’t working for you. Twenties are for taking ACTION.  Being selfish doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Coming close to the end of my twenties, I wanted to share what it is I have learned in the past decade, and what it is I would like to round out before the next. I can honestly say, that my twenties have been one of the best decades of my life. I have failed more times than I can count. Which is why it’s been the best. Failing helped me learn. Reaching the light at the end of the tunnel each time. Each light being brighter than the last. I will continue to find what it is that makes me happy, and reminding myself to never settle. As should we all. Let’s dive in!

Simple ways you can invest in yourself:

  • Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Being somewhat of an introvert myself, this can sometimes be hard for me. I have found myself in wonderful conversations with many people I didn’t ever think I would have anything in common with, just by sparking up a conversation. I would like to continue meeting new people, and improving current friendships. Constantly improving the relationships I have in my life, will always be one of my top priorities.
  • Maximizing your time. I used to get so stressed out about the smallest things, and still do from time to time, don’t get me wrong. That was before I discovered I wasn’t utilizing every single moment. Scheduling out my Instagram posts, and having an app do it for me, to be on social media less, has helped me become more present. Getting up early, has allowed me to get more done every day. Getting in everything from a work out, to writing a blog post, to reading a whole book. All these small tricks have given me more time to focus on other projects.
  • Skipping perfection. I used to be obsessed with every new trend, and making myself look perfect. Even if it was only grabbing soup at whole foods. Now I am throwing on whatever sweatshirt I can find first, and standing in that express line with my butternut squash soup, like a champ. A champ who doesn’t care that her double chin is out to play, and her eyeliner is wearing off. Seeking out perfection all of the time, is opening yourself up for disappointment that you simply do not need. No one actually cares, or will even remember that your socks didn’t match. Also having that sort of mentality is super stressful, and once you rid yourself of that, it’s a huge weight off your shoulders.
  • Reading. In more recent years, I have made more time for reading. Reading has helped me to improve my writing, and even give me ideas for new blog posts. Helping keep me fresh. We should always be expanding our minds, our perspectives, & knowledge.
  • Writing. Creating this blog has helped me give people a glimpse at what it is I do in my day to day life. A way I can also share tips/tricks to a grander audience. Something I am interested in trying, is journaling. I haven’t written in a journal, let alone stuck to writing in a journal for a lengthy period of time. Interested in seeing what writing the “behind the scenes” of my everyday life can bring me. Hearing how it can help round out goals, and relieve stress. Something I think we can all benefit from. It’s also a form of self care. Most of these tips are actually.
  • Seeking happiness. Surrounding yourself with what makes you happy is the first step to achieving more happiness. Surrounding myself with what brings me joy, i’m able to focus more on creating new goals, and how to gain more success. If I was surrounding myself with people that bring me down, or with things that aren’t pushing me in the right direction, than I could easily feel like i’m stuck in a rut. There is simply no time to waste in this life being unhappy.
  • Listening to podcasts. I wasn’t always fond of podcasts. It wasn’t until I discovered one that I really liked listening to. One that had content that I could relate to. I will normally wake up, and listen to a podcast on my drive to work, and while I get ready in the morning. It helps me learn new things, gain a greater perspective, and keep up with the latest news. All hands free, getting sh*t done.
  • Letting go of the past. This is a big one. Once we’re able to stop looking in the past, we can start living in the now. Rid those thoughts of “what could have been”. We are all on our own path. I am a firm believer that each life lived has a path carved out for them. Everything happening for a reason, and not being given anything you can’t handle. Or experiencing some trauma to make you stronger. So letting the past be the past, will allow you to create your best life.


Investing in yourself, at any age, is the most important investment any of us will make in our lives.


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