Ditching Diets & Setting Realistic Goals

When we set goals for ourselves we look at what we have accomplished thus far, and what we have yet to achieve. Except for a majority of the time, we all dismantle, and can be quite judgmental to ourselves. I am here to share with you how I am ditching all the diet trends, and how I am setting out to achieve my REALISTIC fitness goals. But first, thank you for being here & for reading The Carro Wife. It really means the world to me that people take the time out of their day to support bloggers such as myself. Hoping that each blog post can inspire the spark in you.

It is so easy to have your spirit crushed while doing the simplest of tasks in this day and age. We walk into target, and bikinis are already out. It is February in Maine people. I don’t know about you, but I catch myself feeling that extra weight from my winter wear, and shake off the dirty look i’m giving my ghostly pale skin. Feeling more radiant than ever. Not! Then there are the magazine racks. A Kardashian staring at you. Waiting to tell you how they lost the baby weight two weeks after birth. Setting unrealistic expectations for women/men everywhere. Making society’s views on what the ideal woman is, and what it takes to look a certain way, very skewed. What we all fail do remember, is that these icons have personal trainers, assistants, and managers. They also have more time in their day to dedicate to cooking healthier meals, and workouts. That is not all. We also forget that each and every person is different. Kendall Jenner for example. She is a beautiful supermodel, and she still eats burgers. Like every day! We all have our own metabolisms, and some bodies, like hers, were built that way.

I have tried so many fad diets. The whole 30, no carb, no sugar, etc. Only to fail. Many, many times. What I learned is that even if you say you’re not “dieting”, but just eating healthier, you can still fail if you don’t set realistic goals for yourself right from the start. You need to establish what healthy eating is for you. Is healthy eating depriving yourself of the things you enjoy? Are you eating healthy to lose weight due to a present health problem? Whatever it may be, recognize what you are capable of. If you are capable of eating no carbs without caving at Olive Garden on endless breadsticks, than more power to you. Setting goals, and accomplishing them, can be simple. Don’t lie to yourself, and what you know you can and cannot accomplish. We should be able to live day to day without saying, “I need to work off those breadsticks I had at dinner last night”. We should be able to break free from that mentality & enjoy life. Exercise is a celebration of what our bodies can do. Not a punishment for what we eat.

Setting realistic goals for myself had to start with shifting my mindset. I had to determine why I was trying these various diets, and if those ever got me anywhere. If they didn’t, it was so easy to shame myself, and rip apart my self esteem. Why would I want to do that to myself over and over again? Realizing that all I needed to do was know my limits, and create goals from there, was just the start. I was able to identify that in all the previous fad diets i’ve tried, I had nothing to show from it. You can not benefit from feeling like a failure because you failed to run the planned 20 miles a week when you hate running.

When we start creating goals that we know we can accomplish, it helps rid us of those toxic thoughts that come with diet mentality. We don’t have to workout harder to work off all those Christmas cookies we all ate. You should workout because it makes you feel good. Simple as that. Do what makes you happy. Be mindful of why you’re creating these goals for yourself, and never try to be another other than yourself. Try to work for something because it makes you better. Not because it makes you look like someone else.

Cultivating self compassion is one of the most fulfilling things we can do for ourselves. When we practice self love, it is easier to recognize our bodies needs. Dieting can be the complete opposite. Your body may need the sugar you’re depriving it. Or may be overloaded with protein. I am not a health expert, dietician, or nutritionist. I am simply saying focusing on what makes you feel good, rather than what makes you look a certain way, can be so refreshing. Eating intuitively, and knowing what makes your body feel good – whether it be exercise or hobbies- can help you accomplish more than dieting.

Shifting my mindset was more than saying, “I will not diet”. It was also releasing myself of the tools that have helped me fail along the way. Calorie counters, and fitness apps that pushed me past my limits. The exact tools telling me not to eat healthy snacks that I had, as I had already had my calorie intake for the day. That is not way to live. If you’re body is telling you to eat, eat.

Let us work on being obsessed with ourselves & how we feel in our own skin. Let us listen to what it is our body needs. “What are we going to do? Be hungry every day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.” Jennifer Lawrence





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