Pushing The Reset Button On Yourself

I don’t know about you, but the new year has me feeling like I have a fresh start. In today’s blog post, I want to discuss ways to take our stressful everyday life, and turn it around by hitting reset.

It can be so easy to get swept up in the the chaos of our everyday lives. Trying to keep up with never ending pressure of social media, the awful current events, all while making time for family/friends/husband. It can get quite exhausting trying to play superwoman, and sometimes even I forget to stop and take a breath.

It can be so hard to find the time to do things that we enjoy or that we want to do, by doing things we “need” to do. For example, I work a full time job, am married, have a dog to walk, and am trying to blog full time. It can be difficult to prioritize, and also feel like were succeeding. My point is, it is so easy to get burnt out. It’s important to make time to better yourself in small ways. (“Small time add up to big time”-Kevin from the office)

When you’re better able to prioritize your days, you’re able to focus more on what’s best for you. When I evaluated what was most time consuming in my life, I ended up learning that I was focusing all my time into one project that I wasn’t fully invested in. It had left me feeling drained, and most days overwhelmed. I was losing touch with myself, and my own needs. Even the best days of said project, meant less time for my own day to day life. Stepping away from that helped me learn some of the vast ways we can reset ourselves after being burnt out. These small tips can help you feel refreshed in your life, and rid yourself of set backs.

  • Realizing it is okay to feel discontent. We can’t always wake up on the right side of the bed. I am definitely not “happy” all the time. Fact: no one is happy all of the time. If anyone says they are, they’re lying. I have days where I find myself lashing out at my husband for no reason for him driving slow. Just remember that the feeling you’re feeling then is only temporary, and that it is OKAY to not feel okay. Think to yourself, what is the root to this frustration? Then change your perspective. Set good intentions for yourself moving forward. Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. 
  • Physical health. Working out is a good way to relieve stress. I think we all know this. Do yourself a favor and reset your body & mind with a good workout. When I am able to fit in a workout -even if it’s only 15 minutes- it gives me so much energy to get sh*t done! Put on some throwback hits, stretch, and crank out a good workout. Drinking water always helps cleanse our bodies as well. Physical health goes much further than just working out. Eating well, sleeping well, and what we’re doing to fit in self care, is also very important. Create healthy habits, not restrictions. 
  • Limit social media. It is so easy to fall into the social media “slumber”. Where we sit down for what’s supposed to be 5 minutes, that turns into an hour. I am so guilty of this. Social media can be very numbing. It’s a way for us to ignore our to-do lists. Time we could be spending on bettering ourselves. Leaving you feeling more stressed, than productive. It can also open up a huge window to negative thoughts. With social media, it’s so easy to compare ourselves as we scroll. Limiting ourselves of that can be so freeing. Your worth isn’t found in a screen. 
  • Clear your space. The newest fad is “tidying up”. I have never had a problem with getting rid of what doesn’t benefit me. I am a professional when it comes to realizing I haven’t worn a certain shirt in a few months, and it’s time to purge. My husband on the other hand, is definitely getting tips from me on a daily basis. Love you honey. Getting rid of the clutter around you will put you at ease. Ridding yourself of unnecessary “stuff” can make room for all of the good to come. Memories & adventures are the only necessary things we “need” to hold onto. You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk. 
  • Grateful reminders. Reminding yourself of what it is that you’re grateful for every day. By creating a quick list every day, in your head, in a journal, or a planner like I do. In a fast pace world, a grateful list helps center ourselves around what is most important to us. It also helps us to focus on those things, and what we can do to strengthen them moving forward. We cannot create change if we remain the same. 
  • Get out & adventure. Get out and go somewhere you’ve never been. Explore new places. This will give you a fresh perspective. Possibly bring you some clarity that you didn’t have while you were stuck in your everyday surroundings. Get out of your comfort zone. Great things never come from comfort zones. 


Finding balance in this fast pace world can be daunting. Knowing small ways we can improve ourselves helps.

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