2018 A Year In Review

As I sit to write this post, I think back at everything that has happened over this past year, and I believe that the amount of writing I could potentially type out, could never amount to how amazing this year has been. Every year I learn more, and more about myself, which leads me to creating more, and more goals for myself. Living out 2018, I created goals for myself, that didn’t stick. I explored more in the health & wellness department. I made hard decisions, and life changing plans. Reflecting back on 2018, i’d say it was one of the most beautiful, eye opening years of my life. With that being said, I can only imagine 2019 will bring more self discovery, and beautiful life experiences.


I explored my health & wellness, and not just my physical health, but my mental health as well. I did some self exploration to seek out what it was that made me my happiest. Whether it was experimenting with a new essential oil, or listening to a podcast about the struggles of being a blogger, yet still having a full time job. I realized it didn’t take much to make me happy, but how important it is to make time for myself, and those things.

I was also faced with many tough decisions this year. But with every tough decision, their is a lesson. In learning those lessons, I have come to make greater decisions, and bigger life plans.


  • Vacationed in the White Mountains for Valentines Day
  • Hiked through Acadia National Park
  • Harry Potter pub crawl, nuff said.
  • Went sailing on the boat my Grampie worked on for 50 years before he passed.
  • Saw Moulin Rouge on Broadway.
  • Drove from Maine to Florida.
  • Went to Harry Potter World for our official honeymoon.
  • Husband and wife cosplay as Gamora & Starlord in Salem for Halloween.
  • Day trips to Providence, Boston, Salem, Concord, and much more.
  • Visited F.Scott Fitzgerald’s grave to pay my respects.
  • Met my favorite artist LIGHTS.
  • Celebrated our ONE year anniversary of being married.


Constantly looking for ways to improve my happiness, health, and lifestyle, I am approaching 2019 with no set resolutions or specific goals. I feel as though creating ‘New Years resolutions’ puts a lot of unneeded pressure on ourselves, to the point where we let go of those resolutions.

Instead I am going into the New Year with a generalized focus on my health & fitness with small goals, and getting back into my workout routines that gave me so much energy, and help my mood. Or taking the time for myself, a good book, or some more self discovery.

Making moves to a better myself has me excited for all that 2019 has to offer. I’ve grown quite fond of the unknown, and my growing decisiveness on what I want out of life. I can only wish that 2019 brings you all great joy, and you seek out what makes you, happy.

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