Our Christmas Traditions

I was talking to a dear friend of mine about our Christmas plans, and I found great joy in hearing her plans, and the differences between our traditions. With Christmas quickly approaching, I wanted to write a quick post on what me, and my little family of three, do to celebrate Christmas every year. Some traditions my family had while I was growing up, I have taken, and transformed into my own. Now being happily married, I was able to morph the traditions i’ve made on my own, with my husbands.

Growing up, my family home was filled with those little candle lit villages, with the train going round. The sleigh bells on the door knob. The individualized Christmas stockings hanging from the fireplace, and green garland galore. My mother would always burn candles that filled our home with the scent of balsam, creating that warm, holiday feel. I have to give my mother full credit in my ability to decorate as an adult. She’s always had a knack for it. So thanks mom!

Before I get into my yearly traditions, I like to take the time to remember what Christmas is really about, and centering myself around my faith. Also remembering that while gifts are nice, that that is not what Christmas is about. It is about family. Getting together, to celebrate one another, and the life that we have been so graciously given. So while we all are out putting the finishing touches on our Christmas shopping, baking, what have you, center, and remind yourself to be kind, and enjoy the company of the ones you love.

Some of my husband and I’s traditions are a bit unconventional, but that is exactly what makes traditions unique, and special. After opening the gifts we bought for one another, my husband and I will prepare a nice full breakfast for just the two of us, and watch our Christmas movie. Stepbrothers. Let me explain. The first Christmas we ever celebrated together, whilst we were dating, we both gifted one another with the movie. We enjoyed watching this with one another, and bonded over it. So we made it our official Christmas movie. Of course when we decide to have children, we may have to make some adjustments to when we decide to watch it, or get another television to put Rudolph on for the little. At least until they’re a tad bit older, haha.

Christmas Eve, growing up, we were allowed to open one gift. Which is very common for most that celebrate Christmas. My husband and I decided that not only will be partake in this tradition, but we have to gift one another a book, and that it the gift that were allowed to open on Christmas Eve. That way, we can enjoy a good book, while patiently waiting for the fun filled morning to come.

Christmas morning is here, and of course I am so excited to see my husband open all of his gifts, but remembering to center myself, and enjoy each moment, we sleep in, and enjoy cuddles with our sweet pup. Before we cozy up around the tree, and exchange gifts, it is tradition for one of us to put on our Christmas Frank Sinatra record, so we can open gifts with the most heavenly voice in the background.

When I was a kid, my parent would hide “the pickle”, which of course is an ornament that looks like a pickle, and whichever one of the three of us (me, my brother, or my sister), were first to find it, would open their gift first. We would patiently take turns, and watch one another open gifts. While it’s hard to follow this tradition with just my husband and I, I am not opposed to making it a tradition when we have a family of our own.

Decorating the Christmas tree as a child, I remember it being quite the task. Being in a family of five, over the years we had accumulated so many ornaments. We would string the tree with lights, and each of us would find our own ornaments, and find the perfect home for them on the tree. Once finished, the tree would be topped with our bright white star. Just starting a life with my other half, we do not have each and every ornament we’ve ever had. So each Christmas, we gift one another with an ornament. In hopes our tree will once be full of the most magnificent, thoughtful memories given.

Christmas is such a joyous time. How do you celebrate, and or what unique traditions do you have?


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