Why I Say No To Birth Control

In my blog post today, I will be discussing why I ditched birth control, and how it changed my life for the better.

I haven’t been on birth control for five years. FIVE YEARS people! Oh, and did I mention I have yet to become a mother. But of course before considering changing your routine, or anything having to do with adjusting your health care regimen, be fully informed of your options, and what new responsibilities you will have in place of being birth control free. I firmly believe in women having full control over their own bodies, and understanding their fertility, and how their cycles work. Granted if I were to mention the abbreviations such as CD, DPO, CM, and or BBT, some would know a few, but in all reality, each woman should know what each of those mean. CD, cycle day. DPO, days past ovulation. CM, cervical mucus. BBT, Basal Body Temp. These are not in depth medical terms, and should be basic knowledge to each and every woman.

Birth control today is based off of the assumption that every woman can get pregnant at any time. When in all reality, each woman has a specific “fertile window” during their cycle. During this window, there’s still only a 25% chance we can become pregnant. So why is it that woman are seen as the most fertile sex, when in fact, most men are 100% fertile all of the time. Being a firm believer in knowing your own body, and its signals, leads me to say that it is not as hard as it sounds to be in control of your own body.

I was personally on the pill from age eighteen, until twenty one. Three years was long enough for me. Taking the pill had me feeling nauseous no matter when I took it, or even if I took it with food, like everyone recommended I do. I resorted to taking it in the evening before I went to bed each night, so I could fall asleep before the nausea kicked in. The pill was the only form of contraceptive that I had ever taken, and when I stopped, I did do my research on alternatives. But I was baffled that most of the options besides the pill were shoving something into your uterus, or your arm, or having something chill inside your vagina, and when not in your vagina, in the fridge. I’m good. The only thing that belongs in my fridge are snacks. Also even with an alarm on my phone, I would sometimes forget, by turning the alarm off, and not going to take it. Sometimes I would forget to take it long enough for it to become ineffective if anything were to happen. That’s when it would start to affect my cycle, and I said enough is enough.

It is my personal opinion that nothing foreign belongs in the body, unless it is absolutely necessary, i.e. holding your bones together, or something of that sort. So ruling out most other birth controls, I decided to take to the Fertility Awareness Method. Now the only thing I want to say about this method is that, if you aren’t fully confident that you can keep up with what responsibilities come with charting, and if you were to ever forget to chart, and you were to become pregnant, that you are prepared for the possibility. With that being said, Fertility Awareness can be just as effective as birth control, if you’re tempting, and charting regularly. All it takes is being familiar with your body, and your cycle. Charting will also help you to gain more knowledge on your cycle, and when you’re ovulating. I would take the time to become familiar with charting, before using it as effective birth control.

What do I mean when I say temping? I mean literally taking your temperature. Adding taking your temperature to your morning routine, takes little to no time out of your day. So recording your temp, and what time each day you took your temp, is very vital when it comes to charting. How does taking your temperature prevent pregnancy? It doesn’t necessarily prevent pregnancy, but a woman’s normal non-ovulating temperature is between 96 and 99 degrees. When a woman’s body has released it’s egg, her temperature goes up by half a degree. So knowing that fact, and charting consistently, you will be able to see the changes in temperature, and begin to know exactly when you’re ovulating. Keeping a log not only with your temp, but your cervical mucus every day, (sorry it that sounds gross, but it’s the human body), and other symptoms you may be experiencing, is helpful for becoming familiar with your cycle. It’s all really simple, and effective.

Being someone that is not afraid of pregnancy, I have learned while using this method, it is not that easy to become pregnant. Even when you’re ovulating, sometimes it’s still not as simple as everyone makes it out to be. People try for years while charting to become pregnant, and don’t succeed. So if you’re tired of feeling bloated, forgetting to take your birth control, and not being able to be in complete control of your own body, see how empowered the Fertility Awareness Method can make you feel.

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