My Winter Wardrobe Staples

Having lived in Maine for 2/3 of my life, has me prepared with all of the best winter wardrobe pieces.

When you’ve never experienced a northeast winter, and or don’t live in states like Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, or basically the entire north of the U.S., than you are most likely accustomed to cold weather being 40-50 degrees, not Maine’s normal 20 or below winter temperatures, and or the occasional “Nor’easter”. Our snowstorms may be beautiful, but traveling, shoveling, store closures, aren’t the best to have to deal with. There is one thing that my twenty years living in Maine has brought me. That’s a killer winter wardrobe. As Maine winters are basically November to April. Spring in Maine is fake news. So I wanted to share with you all my winter wardrobe staples for surviving a Maine Winter.

Hunter Rain Boots

These boots have gotten me through the past five winters here in Maine, and I wouldn’t recommend any other boot, besides possibly LL Beans Boots, as I do live in Maine, and the Maine thing to do is to wear bean boots. Yet I like the look, and flexibility of style with Hunter Boots. Not only can I wear them in the winter, but I can wear them in July when it’s raining. Needless to say, they’re perfect. Also they’re perfect for when the snow is up to your knees, and so are your boots. Warm and dry!

LL Bean Katahdin Hat

I just recently purchased this hat, and I’m already so in love with it. It is so warm, and so soft! A must for keeping my ears nice and toasty this winter.

Patagonia Fleece

If I can just have this in every color that would be amazing. Looking into the “Century Pink” one at this time. This cream one is so warm, and versatile. It’s a piece that can be worn in the fall as well!

LL Bean Mittens

If you’re dealing with 20 or below degree weather, and you have to wake up to scrape the ice off of your car, than mittens are a must. Not just any mittens though. The coziest mittens, that do a damn good job at keeping your hands warm.

LL Bean Pullover

It’s very convenient to have such easy access to LL Bean, as I live 25 minutes away from their home store. So it’s not hard to spend all of my money on all of their pullovers. This one is so warm, I some days don’t even need to wear a coat with it, and it’s so easy to just throw on.

Fuzzy Socks

These fuzzy socks are one of my favorite items to shop for right now. So soft, and adorable. One thing I love to do is moisturize my feet, and then throw these on. Locks in the moisture, and leaves my feet feeling so smooth.

These are the pieces getting me through this Maine winter. What are yours?

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