20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Her

So you have most of your Christmas shopping done, or planned out, and not yet started if you’re like me, ha! Now you’re looking for things to fill her stocking with. Fill her stocking with goodies that she can use, and will easily love. Don’t just fill her stocking with candy you find in the checkout aisle. Keep scrolling to see my recommendations on what to put in your ladies stocking.

  • EOS Lip Balm, which can be found at any drug store / supermarket. Keep her lips kissable all winter.
  • Fuzzy Socks, the softer & fuzzier, the better.
  • Makeup Remover Wipes, found at any drug store / supermarket.
  • Bobby Pins, found in any drugstore / supermarket. A girl can never have enough Bobby pins. These things are impossible to not lose.
  • Coffee Mug / Reusable Mug, something with an adorable design that speaks to your S/O.
  • Planner, if your lady is a planner/blogger/boss lady, buy her a planner for her to plot out your demise. JK, maybe…
  • Face Mask, individual face masks can be found at any drugstore / supermarket. Easy, perfect stocking stuffer that she will definitely use.
  • Rose Face Mist, a rose face mist is a daily refresher mist for your lady, and or a makeup setter, to keep her makeup in place all day. A good mist can be found at most supermarkets, and or Sephora.
  • Earrings, a pair of simple dangly earrings, or even a pack of studs. Nothing over the top, simple and cute is all.
  • Teeth Whitener, strips, or even toothpaste infused with charcoal is all the rage right now. Keep her teeth bright and shiny.
  • Bath Bombs, they sell these things everywhere these days! Bitches love baths.
  • Lotion, a small tube of lotion, perfect for travel, keeping her hands soft and moisturized wherever she goes.
  • Winter Hat, the perfect winter accessory.
  • Nail Polish, save some money from all those pedicures she’s begging for, and make her paint her own toenails.
  • Daily Vitamins, a women needs her daily multivitamin.
  • Protein Bars, throw some protein bars in that stocking to make her swole.
  • Razors, keep her stocked on what keeps her smooth. Be mindful of what razors she may already use.
  • Book, bitches love books. Maybe a book she’s been wanting to read.
  • Perfume, a bottle of perfume is something a girl will always love. Even if it’s just a rollerball. Sephora has a wide variety of perfumes.
  • Dry Shampoo, something we can never have enough of. Found at any supermarket or drug store.

Holiday shopping can often be quite stressful, which can quickly blind us all of the true meaning of the holidays. Family, friends, loved ones, and being together is what the holidays are all about. Remember to stop, and enjoy yourself, and the company of your loved ones this holiday season.

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