Stylish Prescription Glasses On A Budget

Are you that person that thought you would have 20/20 vision their entire life, then suddenly find yourself squinting come age 24? Trying to read road signs, and or laying in bed, and you can’t read the movie titles on Netflix? Well this post is to tell you, you’re not alone. Besides you and I, there are thousands of people that discover this fact every day. I discovered that I needed glasses come age 24, like I said above. My hopes and dreams of having perfect vision my whole life, crushed.

Knowing my vision was going, most likely due to staring at computers/my iPhone most days, I decided to make an eye doctor appointment. Friendly reminder, when looking for a good optometrist, choose one that is covered by your insurance provider to avoid any large bills. Also be aware of any co pays you may have to pay with said insurance/your specific policy. You can contact your insurance company to figure out the specifics. Or possibly your employer. The office I went to at first, had a change in optometrists, which changed what insurance they accepted, and I ended up having to pay an extra $100 or so to get a follow up after my initial visit. Just something I overlooked. It was a bummer. Anyways. Just a heads up there.

After my exam, they gave me my prescription on a piece of paper, just a bunch of numbers I didn’t understand really. Pupillary distance, blah, blah. I could have purchased glasses from my optometrist, and what limited selection they had, or venture to find a different supplier. Being the gal I am, I did plenty of research to weigh my options on where to buy a pair of cute glasses, that wouldn’t break my bank. I quickly learned that the places where you think would be the cheapest, ended up being the most expensive. Wal Mart has pairs up to $100! Not being blind enough to justify spending $100 dollars, I opted to continue my search on the inter webs.

I then stumbled upon Warby Parker, which I had heard of before, and thought their, “Try on 5 pairs free”, was enticing. You would choose 5 pairs, then they would sent those 5 pairs to you within a week, where you would then choose the one you like best, send them back, and order the one you liked the best. But even their eyewear was a bit overpriced for me. That’s when I heard about Zenni Optical. Click the link to the left to learn about them yourself, and browse all their amazing eyewear. Even if you’re not on the hunt for prescription glasses, they also have super cute sunglasses!

Once I discovered Zenni Optical, I have yet to shop elsewhere for my eyeglasses. They have so many styles, and colors to choose from for frames, it’s amazing! The only complaint I have, is that there are so many to choose from, it’s so hard to just pick one, haha. What a problem that is.

The process itself with ordering your custom glasses is so easy too! Once you’ve found the pair that’s perfect for you, you add it to your basket, and it will prompt you to enter in the exact prescription/numbers that your eye doctor gave to you. It has additional customizations at checkout as well. For such things like clip on sunglasses, UV protection, anti scratch, etc. All of this sounds expensive right? Wrong. Every pair of frames I’ve ever purchased, have been under $20, and it barely costs anything additional to have them turn them into your prescriptions. At most for each pair I’ve purchased over the years, it’s no more than $40. That’s with shipping, customizing, and everything! Why would I choose anywhere else after discovering Zenni’s? I wouldn’t!

This post is for all of those constantly complimenting me on my glasses, and or asking where I get my glasses from. It brings me great joy to tell them Zenni Optical. If I didn’t already know about them myself, and was on the hunt for a good, cheap option, I would want someone to tell me about Zenni Optical. Now go shop!!!

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