25 Moments During 25

Living through my 25th year on this planet was full of learning, loving, and traveling. As some of you know I became a newlywed right before my 25th birthday, and being a wife thus far has been nothing short of glamorous. Seriously. I love being a wife. With having our wedding day in our rear view mirror, we have been able to enjoy traveling, each other’s company, and focus on our own individual goals. For me, this was blogging, and really focusing on creating good content for this blog. I kept my life, thoughts, feelings hidden for a long time, in fear of judgement, and that I was not yet who I wanted people to know/see me as. It was hard to crawl out of my shell, and out from underneath that overwhelming feeling of contempt I had for myself. Blogging is what helped me unravel. Helped me understand what I wanted from the world, and myself. So to all who read my blog, you’re my hero’s.

I have changed, and learned so much in just the past two years, than I feel like I’ve learned in my entire life. I can only imagine I will keep learning and growing going into my thirties, and even forties. But my opinion at this very moment is that you will not truly discover yourself until your mid-late twenties. The person I was in college, and in my previous relationship, is a complete stranger to me. But I still wouldn’t change anything from my past. It all led me here to this cafe, writing, with my husband to my right.

Okay, let me get to the real point of this blog post. With all I’ve learned, and experienced in my last trip around the sun, I wanted to share with you my 25 most memorable moments, and revelations while I was 25.

  1. I started writing this blog just shy of my 25th birthday. Writing has helped me open up, so I’m able to share my life, and my ideas with others.
  2. Some of you know I love to dress up, and may have seen me, or my husband dress up for Halloween, a cosplay event, or perhaps just a random Tuesday. Either way, I have come to love cosplay. Maybe not more than my husband, but enough to walk around Salem, MA, on Halloween, for ten hours dressed as Gamora. Photos below.
  3. My nephew Lincoln was born 7 days after I turned 25. What a gift. I now have 7 nieces, and a nephew.
  4. One of my fears is heights. Who would have thought! Another person with a fear of heights, and spiders. Well my husband was able to get me to climb the Beehive Trail in Acadia National Park here in our state of Maine earlier this spring. I will have photos below of the climb. Definitely challenging for someone with a fear of heights, as it’s climbing the side of a very high ledge, on a mountain. But I conquered it!
  5. This past year, I was able to revisit many places I went to as a child. I was born in New Hampshire, and lived there until I was seven years old. Most of my family still lives there as well. It was so heart warming to revisit places I went to as a child, but with my new husband with me this time around.
  6. My husband and I were able to travel quite a bit this year. He is my number one travel companion. We went to Boston to watch Moulin Rouge on Broadway, dressed as Gamora and Starlord in Salem for Halloween, walked the battle road trail in Concord, climbed through the White Mountains, celebrated Valentines at the Mount Washington Hotel, celebrated our one year anniversary being married at Hogwarts in Universal Florida, and so much more.
  7. My Grampie passed a few years back, who is my mother’s father, and he was, and always will be such an inspiration to everyone he met, and to me. I was able to celebrate his life by taking a cruise on the boat he worked on for fifty years. The Mount Washington Cruise, in New Hampshire over the summer.
  8. I created a business with one of my greatest friends. Due to differences in business plans/ideas, I decided to leave this business, and focus on my blog.
  9. I started eating clean, and really focusing on my diet this past summer. I cut out sugar, most carbs, and processed foods. This has made my energy levels skyrocket, and improved my figure significantly, which is a plus.
  10. My favorite author is F. Scott Fitzgerald, and while traveling to Florida this past September, it was a dream of mine to be able to pay my respects to his grave in Maryland. Which I did, and it was so overwhelming.
  11. I celebrated my one year of marriage with my husband this past September. Wooohoooo! He is my favorite person.
  12. Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series, and to be able to really immerse myself in that world at Universal Florida, was unreal. Every detail was unbelievable.
  13. Referencing back to number 8, and creating, and leaving a business that I had created with my best friend, resulted in the loss of said friend. But to recognize the friendship was unhealthy to begin with, was a huge step in the right direction for me.
  14. Every year I realize more and more just how important my family is to me, and so I’ve been trying to spend more time with them, which is how I’ve spent a great deal of my time this year as well.
  15. Eating clean has taught me so much more than just eating clean. In researching ways to healthy eating, it’s also taught me little ways on how to improve my home environment, and mental health.
  16. My financial decisions whilst in college, and early twenties, were not the best. My mid twenties, has been all about improving my financial stability, and planning for our future.
  17. Opening myself to new experiences. My husband encouraged me into the cosplay world, and the writing world. Every day I wake up, we end up doing something neither of us thought we would be doing that day. Living this way has brought us on so many adventures this past year.
  18. I’ve met so many new, and amazing people while 25. You’re all an inspiration.
  19. My teacup chihuahua Brewtus turned 3 this year. He is five pounds of the purest joy.
  20. Incorporating self care into my daily life, has helped me focus on future goals, and on bettering the way I live. I am constantly learning new things, and pushing others to better themselves as well.
  21. This year has been all about making time for the people that make time for me. My husband will always come first, and those who make time for me, I will make time for them, second.
  22. Growing up I wasn’t always the best when it came to sticking up for myself. I have become so much better at recognizing what I do, and don’t deserve. Hell, I left a salaried job that paid well, to work hourly, and I am happy, and healthy.
  23. In previous years I would take on more than I could handle. I never said no. I have slowly learned ways to slow down. To take in every moment, and be present.
  24. Planning has become more of a hobby, than a necessity for me. My husband and I are going to be moving out of our current apartment this upcoming April, and planning for that, and searching for new places to call home home has been eye opening. Also the next place we call home, may be the last place before our forever home.
  25. Last but not least is something many of you may not have knew about me, and sorry mom. But I had been smoking on and off since college. On and off meaning, one cigarette a day or more for months, than not for another six months, and then back at it again. It was a social habit. It was also a bad habit encouraged by a toxic friendship. I have not smoked, nor wanted to touch a cigarette in over 3 months, and I plan to keep it that way, as you can’t represent a healthy lifestyle hiding a smoking habit.

My life has drastically improved in ways that I am so grateful for. Here are to the next 25 ways I can improve my life.

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