Top 3 Winter Beauty Products

We’re approaching colder weather, and unfortunately that can bring more unpleasantries than just having to shovel eight feet of snow, and having to wear your entire closet to keep warm. The sun hiding away most days, leaving humidity levels slim to none. Your skins moisture tends to evaporate at a quicker rate during the colder seasons for lack of humidity in the air that normally locks the moisture in. The same goes for your hair. Harsh weather conditions can, and will dry out whatever moisture it can get a grip on to. This is why it is essential to keep everything hydrated throughout winter/spring, and looking into getting those perfect beauty products that take care of your needs specific needs. Face, feet, hands, hair. All needs vary in what is needed for upkeep during different seasons.

In this blog post, I have listed my favorite tried and true moisturizers, and hair care products, to not only get you through winter, but to keep you glowing all year long.

Of course some type of hand cream would be first on my list. I don’t know about you, but my hands are the first to dry out, and my feet are the second. I originally received this hand cream in my FABFITFUN box, last winter. It was one of my FAVORITE products gifted to me in that box. This hand cream doesn’t just do its job in moisturizing, but it also locks moisture in, even if you wash your hands a million times throughout the day. It’s amazing! It is totally worth the price.

I just recently started using products from the Kristin Ess beauty line, which can be found at Target, and love, love, love them. Not only does everything in this line smell like what I imagine heaven smelling like, but they do exactly what they say the product is supposed to, and the products are affordable! My hair is a bit thicker, and can be a bit frizzy at times. The shampoo and conditioner do such a fine job at taming my hair.

I was using a foot scrub from Anthropologie for quite some time, and had to find a replacement due to them discontinuing it. But I was able to find a new one no problem! AHAVA being my favorite brand for hand cream, I did some shopping, and found myself a new foot scrub. I myself put more focus towards my feet and hands all year long, as dry feet/hands run in my family. This foot scrub exfoliates your skin, washes away easily, and leaves your skin feeling SO soft. I tend to throw on some socks afterwards to lock in some of that extra moisture overnight too.

Of course every skin type is different, and I am not a licensed dermatologist, so what works for me, may not work for you. But if you have normal/dry skin type, then I highly recommend giving all three of these amazing beauty products a go. These are going to be my saviors this winter season. You only get one body. Treat it like a queen.

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