Difference Between A Boyfriend & A Husband

Some may think that the title of my blog post has such an easy answer, but yet all around me I see women setting higher expectations of their significant others/boyfriends. Expectations set by a wife for her husband.

First and foremost, what is a boyfriend? If you type this very question into google, this is their answer: “A boyfriend is a male friend or acquaintance, often specifying a regular male companion with whom one is platonic, romantically or sexually involved. This is normally a short-term committed relationship, where other titles are more commonly used for long-term committed relationships. ”

So why is it that women are raising the bar for their male companions? I have my opinion, which is just that. My opinion. Which is that women around the world are neglecting to realize the difference between the two. Which can lead to disaster for any relationship.

A boyfriend is a male companion, just like the definition I googled had said. Depending on what type of person you are, you may go above and beyond as a companion, but will your partner do the same? Or will they get overwhelmed and tired of your high expectations? Point being, women should stray from giving their man husband privileges unless they are husbands.

A husband is a married male, who is legally joined with a women/man for LIFE. Someone who protects, and supports. A father figure if chosen to have have a family. A boyfriend you can get together Monday, and pack your bags, and leave them for Pablo on Tuesday, no sweat. A husband, you are legally bound to one another. You cannot leave your husband on Tuesday for Pablo, as your husband will try to take all of your shit out of spite because he legally can. Which means he will take your hair straightener, and your chihuahua ladies. So divorce is not the easiest or best option. Obviously if you marry the man, you have more to lose than just your personal belongings, I’m aware of that. That was just an example.

Cooking your boyfriend dinner out of the goodness of your own heart. Giving him a foot rub although you may want your feet rubbed instead. Giving him twenty two head numbing blow jobs a day to keep him from straying because no other girlfriend would do that. NO! Those are all privileges. Husband privileges. If anything you will just exhaust yourself from trying too hard. Boyfriends are those who take you on a date, bring you back to their place to Netflix and fuck, because no chill. They are boys. Those that don’t yet have the mentality of a husband. Someone who is looking for a casual fling. Someone who is not ready to get too committed.

“What if he treats me like a wife?” “What if we’re planning to get married?” Great! Happy for you! Until he puts that ring on your finger, he is a boyfriend. That is just a fact. The day he steps up from being a boy, and becomes a man, ready to wife you up, you can give him the world, and then expect it back. Until he deems you worthy enough to be his wife, don’t do his laundry, or clean his place. Do not bend over backwards for him if he does not bend over backwards for you.

Women that are married, have certain expectations that they need to uphold for their marriage to work. Which girlfriends do not. Expectations need to be met. Every second, every choice matters for her, and her husband. They have to communicate, and well, for the marriage to stay balanced. They cannot just fight one day, and get over it. They must dig to the root of the issue, and find a solution. Husband and wife, means you’re with them for life. Some days that means compromise and sacrifice. Your friends, your family, your hobbies. A marriage is deeper, and more involved.

Women need to start being extremely cautious as to what the titles of boyfriend/girlfriend entails, and expect NOTHING more until you are more. Evaluate if you are the one ready to be wifed up, and whether he’s right there with you. If not, the balance of you, ready for marriage, and your boy, will not balance. Go out and get yourself a man who is right there with you. Don’t expect them to get to where you are by treating them like a husband. They will always be wading in the dating pool, afraid of bigger commitment, while you climb the stairway to heaven looking for a ring.

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