The Start

My husband Joseph and I have had complete opposite schedules for the past month or so, and that can be difficult at times for the both of us. We love and cherish our time together, and on our days off we always seek a new adventure. Since we haven’t been able to add any new adventures to our travel log, or see each other even, I have been reading through love letters, and emails sent between us to keep my spirits high. Today’s blog post is just that.

Backstory, My husband Joseph and I would exchange emails when we first started talking, as it was not a planned romance, and more of just a friendship at that time. We both had significant others, until we fell for one another unexpectedly. We would express daily thoughts, concerns, and be the other persons rock when needed. Reading them now that we are married, and to see how far we’ve come is very fascinating to me. It was almost as if we were the real life versions of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks from You’ve Got Mail. Reading through them all, I wanted to post some excerpts from my wonderful husband. To show how fiercely we fell for one another, and what words stole my heart.

“Basically, thank you for showing me this side of you. I am glad we met. I feel like we met for a reason. You are one of the most exciting things in my life right now, and I don’t know what will become of what we are – but I do know that I am enjoying getting burned in the sun with you and kissing those lips.”

“Also know that I just think about you all the time, and when I do I feel alive. I feel poetic. I feel romantic. I feel like there are a bunch of friendly little bees inside me, all charged with electricity. I hope you feel even a fraction of what I do.”

“I love you with all my heart, and I honestly think that if there is such a thing as “the one” – then you seem to be it, at this moment.”

“I like you, a lot. Sometimes, I structure my day around being able to see you even for just a little bit of time. I think about you constantly.”

“You keep surprising me, every day. You keep giving me hope, every day. You make me fall in love with you again, every day.”

“I am extremely lucky to be looked at the way you look at me with those emerald eyes of yours. I am lucky to even have my name said with your beautiful lips. I should have won the lottery to be touched by your hands-or to touch your skin. All the heartache in my life, all the hard times and uncertainty go away or are worth it when I get to spend time with you. I love you.”

Re-reading through old emails between my husband and I, is such a great reminder of where we came from, and how fragile life is. To cherish one another, and love one another so fiercely that it makes people nauseous. Whether it be your husband, wife, siblings, parents, or pets. Never lose your spark.

3 thoughts on “The Start

  1. You two are such a BEAUTIFUL couple! I am in disbelief we have never connected before until now! I’d love to meet you and go on a coffee date when I move back to Maine! (Hopefully in JANUARY!!) love following your blog! Xo


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