Summer 2018 To Do List

As we approach the warmer weather, and everything around us is coming to life, I wanted to put together a little summer to do list. I’ve been enjoying all of the fresh flowers, and taking in my beautiful city more and more as temperatures raise. This may just inspire you to take on some of your own projects, or maybe even some of mine.

Prepare my official honeymoon trip to Florida.

My husband and I got married this past September, and after the wedding festivities, we were only able to take off a small amount of time to travel to Burlington, Vermont. It was amazing, and peaceful. But we are starting to piece together our original planned trip to Florida, to Universal Studios. I am beyond excited to continue planning for this September to celebrate our one year anniversary as husband and wife. Harry Potter World, here I come!

Read my growing collection of books.

Over the colder months, and even before that, I accumulated so many books, but have yet had the down time to read them all. Excuses, excuses. I’m done with excuses! Time to crack down, and read! Also a damn good excuse to grab a blanket and lay in the sun.

Create a writing nook.

I have been constructing a writing corner in my home over the past few months, as my husband and I love to write. I’m putting this on my to do list as it still needs a few finishing touches. A comfy, yet modern writing chair, a few plants, a variety of inspiring pictures, and some organizational furnishings. Cozy, yet functional for a focused writer.

Add some greenery to our home.

This is prime time to stock up on plants for the home. I am going to be constructing a few shelves to have as a designated home for all these plants awaiting to be snatched up. Just imagine all of the spider plants, and their vines hanging down. Heaven.

Be safer in the sun.

Throughout the pasty months, (aka winter), I discovered the most wonderful self tanner that I will be using throughout the summer to give me that perfect base tan, so I don’t have to neglect my skin by tanning naturally in the sun. Sure I will obviously soak up all of the vitamin D, but with good ol’ sunscreen.

Hike Maine & New Hampshire.

I find great joy in climbing a mountain, and picnicking at the summit. There is no greater reward than having the most amazing views, and stuffing your face with fruit & finger sandwiches, am I right?!


My husband and I love to travel. Even if it’s just to a destination 45 minutes from home. There are always new places to discover nearby, and sometimes, they’re in your own city! Adventures are never hard to find for us two.

Plan to be a vendor.

In my last blog post, about Sage Thread Thrifts , (run by myself and my best friend Lauren), I talked about how we created an online thrift shop. We are planning out the details of becoming a vendor at vintage festivals/fairs/shows. We will be focusing on growing the shop more throughout the summer months, and building our booth up. Make sure to follow our Instagram to stay updated!

With all of my goals for this summer, I plan to stay very busy. What are some of your summer plans?

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