Style Wish List

These days I find myself poking around on online websites for that perfect sweater, or bag, just to put it on a wish list, and save it for later. I’m also always curious as to what my friends, and or other bloggers are buying, as I enjoy seeing what their style is. Maybe they’ve found that bag I’ve always dreamt of, and I’m just dying to know where it came from. So in today’s blog post, I’m sharing with you all what I currently have on my wish list. Feel free to buy any of the items below, and ship them to my house. Just kidding. Maybe?

Madewell Transport Crossbody -$148

Pullover Sweater in Elmwood Stripe -Sale $59.50

ASOS High Waisted Denim Skirt -$40

LuLu’s Black Wrap Maxi Dress -$70

Woven Panama Hat -$34

Patagonia Stretch Fit Logo Hat -$35


Swedish Clogs -$87.37


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