What’s In My Bag

If you’re anything like me, your purse doesn’t always look like my photo. One day you precisely put your lotion in its rightful place, and the next day it’s exploding on everything you love. We’ve all been there. So why not share with you the contents of my bag, and everything I carry with me, before I throw a couple more receipts, and snacks in there.

  • Bag: Longchamp
  • Headphones: Apple
  • 2018 Planner: Target
  • Lotion: Ahava Mineral Hand Cream
  • Lipsticks: MAC lipstick in the color Diva, NARS lip pencil in the color Bahama
  • Scentbird: Dolce & Gabbana’s “Light Blue”
  • Wallet: Target
  • Gloves: Gin/Tonic by DeLux

I cannot go anywhere without my planner, as being a blogger has me always jotting down blog post ideas. Which is also true for the headphones. Listening to music helps me focus while writing, and tune out the world. Amongst all my daily commotion, I must carry a nourishing hand lotion, which is why I carry my Ahava Mineral hand cream. Works wonders! As for my lips, I don’t always wear lipsticks, but when I do, I prefer these two in particular. Then there’s my perfume, which as some of you may have read my blog post about Scentbird. This particular scent is my all time favorite! Moving to my wallet. I HATE bulky wallets. Why do we need to carry every rewards card we have ever signed up for with us? Unnecessary. So this one is perfect! Lastly, we have my gloves. As it is winter here in Maine, I do need to keep my hands nice and warm. One of my favorite drinks being a good ol’ G&T, I had to buy these. Having to carry all of this around, I had to get a larger bag, which is why I love this one.

Other things you may find me carrying that are not pictures: protein bars, water, daily vitamins, my phone, & car keys.

Thanks for reading!

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