Things To Do In Portland, Maine

Planning a trip to Portland, Maine? Or maybe you’ve already visited, but have yet to discover the hidden gems of the city? Then today is your lucky day. You now have a guide from a local Portlander right at your fingertips. Keep reading to discover everything I love about Portland. From great places to eat, to bars all the locals love, to coffee shops, and the most scenic views.

Portland is full of boutiques, bars, restaurants, hotels, and history around every corner. The city is very easy to navigate being as most shops, and hot spots are located right in the downtown Portland area. Some of my favorite spots being a bit further up towards Congress St, which is the main road running right through the middle of Portland. But any of those places are only a ten minute walk from downtown. If you have a question about where a certain place is located, you’d be surprised how many locals you have amongst all the tourists. Don’t be afraid to ask someone passing by if you need directions.


  • Vena’s Fizz House. I recently discovered this cocktail bar, thanks to one of my good friends. Even as a local, there are always new bars to discover. This one being located right in the heart of downtown Portland, on Fore St. The owners Steve and Johanna Corman have created such a relaxing atmosphere, with an adorable vintage feel. They are very personable, and just wonderful. The cocktails they create are refreshing, and delicious.  FAVORITE DRINK: THE BEES KNEES




  •  BRAMHALL. This bar is one of Portland’s many speakeasys, located on outer Congress St towards the Western Prom. This bar is dark & mysterious, and offers a wide variety of local beers. FAVORITE DRINK: I GO FOR THE WINE, PREFERABLY A RED


and more…..

  • Novare Res 
  • Bull Feeney’s
  • The Jewel Box
  • The Hunt & Alpine



  • Bard Coffee. Bard has such an open, inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect place for me to blog. They specialize in single-origin brews, made with beans roasted in house. FAVORITE DRINKS: CHAI LATTE &  ICED VIETNAMESE 


other favorites include:

  • Tandem 
  • Arabica
  • Little Woodfords (outer portland on Forest Ave, about 2 miles from downtown)



  • Hot Suppa. Comfort food central. Although Hot Suppa serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I am a brunch junkie. There Eggs Benedict is incredible. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. A bloody mary is also a must when you visit this spot. FAVORITE PLATE: CANADIAN BACON EGGS BENEDICT 

inside looking outhot-suppa

other favorites include:

  • Bayside American Cafe
  • The Holy Donut
  • Becky’s Diner
  • Porthole (favorite summer brunch spot, as it’s right on the water)
  • Miss Portland Diner
  • Katie Made Bakery
  • Brea Lu Cafe (formally in Portland, now located in Westbrook, 6 miles from city. Biggest pancakes ever!) see below..




  • The Green Elephant (Vegan)
  • The Great Lost Bear (located in outer Portland, on Forest Ave, 2 miles from downtown)
  • Taco Escobarr 
  • Figgy’s 
  • Otto’s Pizza
  • The Local Press (located in outer Portland, on Woodford St, 2 miles from downtown)
  • Mi Sen (best thai food)


portland-gear-patrol-970PortlandMaine-PhotoCreditVisitMaineJune_2014 vs January 2015_Portland_Maine_20140621-DSC_2647 By Corey Templeton Eastern Promenade Summer smallFTG-NewEnglandRoadTripGuide-PortlandMaine-CreditiStock

When i’m not blogging/drinking coffee, enjoying a beverage with my husband or friends, and or eating at one of my many favorite Portland joints, you’ll find me exploring a vast variety of Portland’s shops. Some local, some not, ex: Urban Outfitters. Walking the cobblestone streets, Gelato in hand from Gelato Fiasco. Soaking in the sun down on the pier watching cruise ships come, and go. Sitting reading a good book on the Eastern Prom, or enjoying the sunset on the Western Prom.

Of course there is also Portland Headlight, located in the town Cape Elizabeth. Roughly 5 miles from downtown Portland, over the Casco Bay Bridge. This spot is also where my husband and I got married.



Living in Portland Maine never gets old, and anyone that i’ve known that has ever moved away from Portland, always ends up moving back because the charm of this city is hard to stay away from. Been to Portland? What were your favorite spots?

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