Two weeks ago I was out and about running errands, nothing super important. Just thrifting most likely. When I realized I still reeked of work. Working at Starbucks, you’d think that you would walk out smelling like Gods that mated on a bed of coffee. That is not the case. Underneath the milk splatter on your clothes, caramel drizzle on your butt, and drain juice on your shoes, is the smell of espresso. Somewhere way, way, way beneath all that. Given that I smelled like a week old Soy Flat White, I decided I should probably invest in a better perfume that could at least temporarily make me smell like Beyoncé, until I can get to my shower.

Which brings me to Scentbird. The perfume subscription everyone should know about. I was seeing ad’s everywhere I looked. I am not one to normally give in, and subscribe to anything, let alone subscribing to an ad on the internet. But looking at the details of what the subscription had to offer, I just couldn’t pass it up in my time of need.

How it works:

1. Start your subscription

Get a monthly supply of the fragrance of your choice for 14.95$ a month, free shipping! A subscription that you can cancel anytime!

2. Pick your scent

They have a selection of over 450+ designer perfumes to choose from! Even men’s cologne!

3. Monthly Spray

Then you get sent a generous supply of the perfume/cologne of choice. Which comes in a refillable travel case with your first order. The first being pearl white. Then after you’re with Scentbird for a couple more months, they will send another case, different color, to add to your collection.

That’s it!

After I subscribed, it only took a week for my first scent to come in! I was amazed. I thought it was going to take at least a couple of weeks to get processed. The scent I chose being Dolce & Gabbana’s “Light Blue”. Which is a scent that I have been obsessed with for years, and now the monthly supply of it is SO CHEAP! If I decide to go with a new fragrance, I just browse what they have, and add it to my queue for the following months. Super easy website.

I am beyond excited to continue with Scentbird. Here’s to smelling like Jesus. If you have tried it, or are planning on subscribing, let me know what your favorite scents are!

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