My Skincare Routine 

Every so often, I have people asking me, “How is your skin so clear?” or “How is your skin so radiant?”. Well to be quite honest, I think it’s just genetic. My mother has beautiful skin, as does my father. Don’t get me wrong, I do have the occasional breakout just like every other human to walk this Earth. Also if I don’t moisturize daily, my skin can get very dry. Not just in the winter months either. So I guess my answer to both questions above is that i’ve just been blessed with naturally tame skin. I will share with you below as to how I keep it that way. Clear, moisturized, and healthy.

These are just a couple of the products I use if not daily, then weekly. On the far left is Kate Somerville ExfoliKate. This was one of the many products I received in my Fabfitfun Winter Box. It’s recommended to use as a facial exfoliator once or twice a week. I put a dime sized amount on to my finger, and apply evenly all over my face, (avoiding the eyes and mouth), using a circular motion. It smells like spearmint, and it tingles when on. Some may describe it as a burning sensation, but it’s the active ingredients doing their job. So don’t worry. It’s recommended to only scrub on for a minute, where you’ll then wash off your face with warm water, and pat your face dry. It leaves my skin feeling amazing.

In the middle, I have my Hope in a Jar by Philosophy. This is my daily facial moisturizer. I put this on my face after I shower, and wash my face. In the shower every day, I wash my face with Clean and Clear Morning Burst. I have been using the same face wash since high school. So you could say that I love it. My Hope in a Jar moisturizer has almost a manly scent to it. It’s interesting, but not bad. It feels great on my skin, and isn’t too oily. This moisturizer also acts as my makeup primer.

On the far right, we have Imperialis from Lush. I use this as a skin booster a couple nights a week. After I’ve taken my makeup off, I’ll wash my face with this product. It has lavender in it, which also helps me sleep. I find that with this product I don’t need to moisturize after, as it does leave my skin fresh, and feelimg moisturized.

Other than these products I us, it helps that I drink water often, and eat a bit on the healthier side.

So if you’re interested in trying a new product, as yours just isn’t working for you anymore, then give one of these a try, and tell me what you think.


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