How is tomorrow night already New Year’s Eve?! I feel as though I was just sleeping through last New Year’s celebrations, (oops). I have given myself time to reflect on the life i’ve lived through 2017, and would like to share with you all some of my most memorable moments.

  • Joe and I traveled to Washington D.C., where we spent three days sighteeing, eating amazing food, and enjoying one anothers company.
  • My now husband proposed to me two weeks after we returned from D.C.
  • We visited many towns in and out of Maine, such as Bar Harbor, Rockland, York, Boothbay, Boston, Burlington, Montpelier, and more. We love to travel, and explore new eats.
  • Hiked many mountains. My favorite being Willard Trail located in Crawford Notch State Park, New Hampshire.
  • Partied at my own bachelorette. Held at my maid of honors cabin, where we sat by the fire, drank more mimosa’s than I could count, and danced the night away.
  • Then came the rehearsal dinner. Followed by being put up in a hotel where I would enjoy the sauna, heated pool, and face masks with my girls, before the big day.
  • THEN I GOT MARRIED. To the man of my dreams.
  • Joe and I took our pre-honeymoon to Vermont. Visited many breweries, and shops in downtown Burlington.
  • Rang in the fall season at the Fryeburg Fair.
  • Dressed in costume, and spent Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts.
  • Started my new and improved blog here.
  • My first Nephew Lincoln was born.
  • Joe and I cooked our very first Thanksgiving meal as husband and wife.
  • Spent the holiday season visiting family, and enjoyed a quiet Christmas together.
  • Earned my very first salaried job!

As for resolutions, I’m sorry, but I don’t really believe in making a “New Year’s Resolution”, as they aren’t kept. By anyone. Admit it. But I am hopeful for many things to come in the year 2018. An even stronger marriage. Possibly a new place to live. Success in my new job, and more travel. I am beyond happy looking back at 2017, as it was amazing. But I am so eager to see what 2018 has to bring for me, and my little family.

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