My Instagram Top 5

We all use Instagram to share photos of our pumpkin spice lattes, selfies, and precious photos of our pets. If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new Instagram accounts to follow. I follow over 2,000 alone! So today I share with you my top 5 favorite Instagram accounts to follow. Enjoy! Check them out, and give them a follow! 

Coming in at #1, is Nicole Janelle Dennett, or @nicolejanelle. I enjoy looking at all of her Buddha bowls she creates. Gives me ideas on what to put in mine for next time. Also her style, and hair are everything. 

Coming in at #2 is Dani Luecht, or @daniluecht. I am a sucker for a good Instagram aesthetic. The lighting, and brown hues she uses, makes every photo gel so well together. Also she’s a super mom. Owning her own business, and being a super cool mom. Very inspirational! 

#3 we have Sammi Jefcoate or @sammijefcoate. Love following her to see her style, and her tattoos are gorgeous! She’s my spirit animal. Another kick ass mother.

#4 is for the precious Chandler DeHart or @candidlychan. Here is another Instagram, where I like the overall aesthetic. The darker contrasted photos work so well with her style. 

Last, but not least we have Acacia Brinley or @acaciabrinley . Acacia is a new mom, and entrepreneur. She showcases​ her beautiful life with all of us, as she starts her family. 


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