My Blogging Playlist

I have very limited time to write due to my busy daily life. Working, being a wife, a friend, a dog mom, and everything in between. So when I do actually find the time to sit down to write, I need 100% focus. I’m sure most of you can relate to that statement, even if it’s not writing your own blog. So I figured that I would share with you some of the songs on my blogging playlist on Spotify that helps me get in the right headspace for blogging. I add to this playlist frequently when exploring Spotify stations at work, and in the car, as I don’t want the songs to get stale from playing over and over again.

  1. City and Colour – The Grand Optimist
  2. Angus & Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane
  3. The Civil Wars – Dance Me to the End of Love
  4. LP – Muddy Waters
  5. Sir Sly – Where I’m Going
  6. Alice in Chains – Nutshell
  7. Iron & Wine – Each Coming Night
  8. Brooklynn – Friends
  9. Kaleo – Way Down We Go
  10. Ray LaMontagne – Jolene

There we are. If you didn’t notice, I stick to mellow beats whilst I write. Definitely helps me stay focused, and be as productive as I can be in the short windows I have to write.

My music taste doesn’t differ too much from what’s above when i’m away from my computer. I enjoy the music even if I don’t need to focus on blogging. I listen to a large variety of music genres. I’ll have Matchbox Twenty on one song, then it can change to Bring Me The Horizon, followed by Frank Sinatra, J. Lo, and Ozzy.  You never know what you’ll get with me. I have always leaned towards the Alternative Rock genre though. Bye Drake, (sorry not sorry).

So if you’re writing your very own blog, in between reading others like mine, give these songs a listen to. See if they work as good for you, as they do for me. Or even if you just need some new songs, and you haven’t heard of these, then that’s another valid reason to check them out. Enjoy folks!


4 thoughts on “My Blogging Playlist

  1. I personally have a thing about music and writing just because I have a habit of hearing words as sound. Uhm example, I listen to a decent amount of foreign music that I can’t understand lyrically where the voice just because another harmonic instrument instead of hearing a message or story of the song. Thus, I can only do music with some types of writing, otherwise my poetry gets super lyrical and my fiction because something closer to a live action miss rated Disney movie and so on. Blogging and business pieces are all I can do with the music on! cool list, I enjoyed googling the ones I didn’t know, my cats currently think I’m crazy because they’ve never seen me dancing around with the laptop in my hands but YAY for new cords batteries eh 😉


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