Au Revoir 24!

Today I say goodbye to my 24th year on this earth, and welcome with open arms, my 25th. But before I file this past year away, let’s recap on what my 24th year looked like. Here we go!

Let me just start off by saying that my birthday, November 8, couldn’t have been on a better day. My favorite season is fall, and I still get to enjoy the fall foliage, and festivities while getting to celebrate my birthday at the same time. So shout out to my mother for giving me a good birth date. Or shout out to me for demanding out? Either way. Also I get to celebrate before everyone gets wrapped up in the holiday season. It really is perfect.

When I turned 24, I was still separating myself from my past relationship. So this time last year, I was in a completely different head space. Joe, my now husband, was in the picture at this point, and was there to lift my spirits, (thank heavens). He was able to make that day extra special for me, despite my circumstances at that time. He had just moved out of his apartment where he lived with his partner before me, and into an apartment 10 minutes from Portland. Him going through just as much as I, still found the time to gift me many personalized gifts. Notes attached to each one explaining why they were significant. We stayed there that night, him and I, surrounded by his boxes. Holding one another, and talking until we both fell asleep. The next morning, he went in to work for me, so I could enjoy some birthday beauty rest. As what person in their right mind wants to wake up at 4am on their birthday? He is constantly showing me in many ways just how much he adores me. Easily making my 24th, one of my favorite birthdays thus far.

Not too long after my birthday, comes the holidays. Joe and I’s relationship was in full swing come Thanksgiving. At that point we were living together, and we were able to celebrate the holidays with both of our families, and even find the time to invite some of our coworkers over for a “friendsgiving”. Let me just tell you, three thanksgivings = food coma.  

That moves us right into Christmas and New Years. Celebrating our first Christmas together in our apartment. We gifted one another many thoughtful gifts, and enjoyed each other’s company snuggled up for the rest of the day. We visited family as well on the days surrounding the holiday. Now about New Years. Don’t make fun of me, but I was definitely asleep before midnight. Whoops?! Celebrate extra hard this year I guess? Who’s in?!

Entering the year 2017, Joe and I were excited to begin a fresh new year with one another. Keeping the winter blues at bay. We adventured to many places, and even drove ten hours to Washington D.C., where we spent a weekend sight seeing, and enjoying delicious foods. That city is where I also got to meet many of his wonderful writing friends from his MFA program, making it that much more special. Not too long after that trip, Joe asked me to be his wife. (See blog post titled: “Becoming a Wife“, for some details on the proposal). We set the date for September 2nd, 2017. This gave us a little over six months to plan a wedding, and enjoy being one another’s fiance.

Of course, as many of you know, planning a wedding, and getting everything together can take quite a bit of time, and a lot out of your schedule. That made little time for adventuring, and even less time as it was only a 6 month engagement. So I spent most days on Pinterest, planning, and shopping for the perfect dress, and decorations, all while making time for other daily errands. I chose my finest women friends as bridesmaids, and coordinated with them throughout that time as well. Shout out to them: Matron of Honor Kate, Maid of Honor Lauren, and bridesmaids, Myriah, Erica, and Shelly. My maid of honor, being the perfect human she is, put together the most beautiful engagement dinner for Joe and I at the Treehouse restaurant here in Portland. Where a few close friends gathered to have cocktails, and toast to our new engagement. If you’ve never been to The Treehouse Restaurant, or if you’re planning a trip to Portland, I highly recommend it. Beautifully decorated, candle lit rooms, with vines, and flowers everywhere. Exquisite cuisine too.

Between all the chaos of awaiting our big day, I was also able to run my third Beach 2 Beacon 10k Road Race here in Maine. Pro Tip: Cardio sucks. I participated in this race the first time in 2015, as my partner at that time, loved to run, and wanted me to give it a try. He signed me up that year, and I did it. That day I put on a brave face, and completed my very first 10k race in an hour and eighteen minutes. Crossing that finish line, surrounded by 10,000 other people made that cardio well worth it. Such an amazing experience. Which led to the second year, where I completed it two minutes faster than the year before, and this year, I cut off another two minutes. Maybe this year, I can cut off another couple of minutes. Pray for me.

Wedding day approaching fast, my girls were in full swing planning my bachelorette. Two of my bridesmaids traveled from their homes in New York, and helped the other three plan a ladies only evening at my maid of honors cabin, on a lake. We sipped mimosas on the beach, smoked cigars, sang, and danced all night. Just us girls. I don’t know what I would have done without them. They went through great lengths to make that day, and the big day, so very special for me, and I love them dearly.

IT’S HERE!! WEDDING DAY! The chaos began, Joe getting ready with his groomsmen at our apartment, and me putting my best bride face on at a nearby hotel. Where me, and my bridesmaids stayed the night before. Sipping champagne, swimming, and hitting the sauna. The morning of, flew by. I was walking towards my husband in no time. We declared our vows to one another, sobbed, and wiped away each others tears. But we did it! Finally, we were married. Following the ceremony, we mingled with friends, and family, where after we would travel to the Old Port to ring in our new marriage with drinks, and dancing. The day after, Joe and I drove to Vermont to enjoy four days in Burlington as husband and wife.

Joe and I traveled to Salem for Halloween, where I cosplayed as Lights the singer. Specifically her character Enaia from her comic book series, “Skin and Earth”. Joe as his usual cosplay, Obi-Wan. He takes time to visit Salem every year to partake in Halloween festivities. So it was great to start partaking in those festivities with him this year, as I also love to dress up.

Which leads us to now. My twenty fifth birthday! Another whole year gone by in the blink of an eye. Crazy me, I decide to work every year on my birthday. I never feel the need to plan anything extravagant. But this year I expect great things, as now that Joe and I are married, we can make time for grand adventures, and new experiences. I am nothing short of blessed to be sharing this life with him, and anyone in my life already. I can also make more time to write, travel, and figure out how this whole wife thing works. So I say, bring it on 25! I’m ready for you.


2017-11-05 09.32.33 1.jpg





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